An probe into the protest by troops at a prison facility in Sokoto has been initiated by NA
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An probe into the protest by troops at a prison facility in Sokoto has been initiated by NA

An investigation has been launched by the Nigerian Army to ascertain the veracity of claims made in a video that has gone viral and is being shared on social media. The video was created by individuals currently detained at the 8 Division Garrison detention center in Sokoto.

According to sesothomp3, imprisoned soldiers from the 8th Division of the Nigerian Army in Sokoto escaped from their cell and demanded better living conditions and food.

Director of Army Public Relations Major General Onyema Nwachukwu issued a statement on Saturday expressing remorse for the incident and warning that the service would not tolerate the way the prisoners voiced their alleged dissatisfaction.

“This incident exemplifies the most heinous misconducts, including mutiny and conduct detrimental to service order,” he declared.

“Thus, the Army will carry out the COAS directive to investigate the condition of all NA detention facilities. The lives of detainees are equally important, and the Service will not hesitate to punish the soldiers responsible for the disorderly conduct at its Sokoto detention facility for not fully addressing their complaints with the proper authorities,” it stated.

He claimed that, in the event that it came to light that they had done so without taking any action, appropriate administrative measures would be implemented against those individuals determined to have ineffectively carried out their responsibilities.

The Service acknowledged that it is subject to subjective inspection by statutory entities, but maintained its primary role as a responsible, self-regulating professional organization.

The commitment of the service to providing a relatively decent life to all individuals awaiting sentencing confirmation—including those found guilty of aiding terrorists, kidnappers, and bandits—was reaffirmed, as was the case in the Sokoto case.

“This commitment highlights the NA’s commitment to preserving a fair and just system and upholding professional standards.” The text stated

Together with sister services and other security agencies, the NA has promised to keep fighting the security threats confronting the country, and it has thanked Nigerians for their care and support.

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