Apologizes for Difficult Times, Reaffirms Economic Policies
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Apologizes for Difficult Times, Reaffirms Economic Policies

In light of the economic hardships caused by Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s reforms, the federal government has issued an apology to the people of Nigeria.

Yesterday, during a Ministerial Sectoral Update in Abuja, Atiku Bagudu, the minister of budget and economic planning, issued the apologies.

But he was unwavering in his support of Tinubu’s policies.

Both the inflation rate and the foreign exchange rate are still higher than target levels, which Bagudu admitted was a burden on the economy and the pockets of the people.

The minister expressed regret for any inconvenience that the policies may cause, but emphasized that they are essential.

Inflation surged to 33.69 percent in April 2024, up from 22.22 percent a year earlier, and the naira’s value dropped from about N460 to a stunning N1,480.

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