Aubameyang on his Chelsea experience and what it means to be old
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Aubameyang on his Chelsea experience and what it means to be old

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has spoken out about his nightmare experience as a Chelsea player.

After leaving Barcelona in the summer of 2022, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang joined Chelsea and had a turbulent first season in west London.

Last summer, the Gabonese player went to Olympique Marseille from Stamford Bridge. He had already left Arsenal for Barcelona six months before that.

Thomas Tuchel, who was manager at the time when he and the German manager split ways, recommended him to the Blues.

Because of his lackluster performance, he was not selected to participate in the UEFA Champions League.

Aubameyang spoke frankly with L’Equipe about his time at Stamford Bridge.

“I knew in December that the season was over.

I wanted to leave, but your contract only allows you to play for three clubs,” he stated.

This is becoming old, I thought to myself.

Who gets to make the call, I said. You may either accept this as your fate or convince yourself that it’s just old age. Or you may argue that it’s not true because you still have tasks to complete.

“I became a little… despondent and hardened.” I allowed myself to be “lost,” a strong word.

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