Barcelona kept Pique’s career going when he turned 30
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Barcelona kept Pique’s career going when he turned 30

Ex-Barça defender Gerard Pique has said that his devotion to the team was the driving force behind his play in his last years on the field.

In November of last season, the 37-year-old announced his retirement, contributing significantly to the team’s financial situation.

Former Barcelona academy product Gerard Pique joined Manchester United when he was a teenager before making a triumphant return to his alma mater four years later.

At one point in his career, around the age of 30, he felt he would have been better off playing for Barcelona again, and he was thankful for that decision.

The former Spain international claimed he would have retired early if he had been motivated to play for a different club during his final four or five years on the field.

“No, no, I don’t think so. Around the time I turned 30, I really doubted that I would have played for any club other than Barcelona. The career had already spanned a considerable distance, and Barcelona meant the world to me, so I wasn’t exhausted.

I doubt I would have kept going if I had been playing for a different club throughout the last four or five years—just because it was Barcelona. It was Pique’s intention to retire, he told BBC 5 Live.

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