Call on Tinubu to Enact NATCOM Bill
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Call on Tinubu to Enact NATCOM Bill

The CSGGG coalition has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to strengthen national security by signing the NATCOM Bill into law. The bill would establish a commission to regulate small arms and light weapons.

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National security and the spread of illicit firearms were rising worries at the time of the appeal.

Yesterday in Abuja, Chief Ogakwu Dominic, president of the coalition, made the call. He repeated Rohini Nilekani’s words, saying, “We cannot be mere consumers of good governance; we must be participants; we must be co-creators.”

In support of this view, the organization highlights the potential impact of NATCOM on the reduction of illicit armaments and the provision of economic possibilities and jobs for young people in Nigeria.

Dominic stated that the goal of NATCOM is to generate income, employ more than 7,000 jobless youths in each state, and reduce the illegal trafficking of firearms.

The commission is anticipated to offer considerable cash incentives to more than 10,000 graduates without requiring government funding, he said, if it becomes operational.

He brought attention to the catastrophic results of unchecked weapon proliferation, which leads to economic instability, insecurity, and violence.

The spread of weapons through the illicit market makes people feel unsafe and more violent. A atmosphere of dread is created, communities are disrupted, and criminals are empowered,” he stated.

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