Consulting Services Needed by LASBCA’s Certified Accreditors’ Program
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Consulting Services Needed by LASBCA’s Certified Accreditors’ Program

Qualified consultants in the built environment are being encouraged to join the new Certified Accreditors’ Programme (CAP) by the State Building Control Agency (LASBCA).

Mr. Olusegun Olaoye, director of the Public Affairs Unit at LASBCA, made this announcement Wednesday in Lagos.

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In response to the request for proposals, LASBCA general manager Mr. Gbolahan Oki stated that the state was planning to hire consultants to help with certified accreditor duties such as examining construction plans, conducting inspections, and keeping tabs on compliance.

He clarified that the program’s goals include making better use of private sector knowledge to increase efficiency and guarantee that all state-owned structures are safe.

The “Certified Accreditors Programme” (CAP) is an example of a public-private partnership that seeks to capitalise on the unique knowledge and experience of those working in the private sector.

“Its secondary objective was to achieve the operational mandate of LASBCA, which is to ensure that all buildings in Lagos State, both new and old, are built to withstand human habitation and to prevent the occurrence of building collapses.”

To achieve sustainable urban growth, the state government has set targets, which the program aims to meet, according to Oki.

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