Ex-Emir of Gaya Steps Down: “I accept my removal” (Kano)
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Ex-Emir of Gaya Steps Down: “I accept my removal” (Kano)

Removing Alhaji Aliyu Ibrahim Abdulkadir as Emir of Gaya was a divine intervention, and he has since accepted this fact.

Former Kano State governor Abdullahi Ganduje nominated Abdulkadir as one of his first-class kings.

The current governor, Abba Kabir Yusuf, revoked the law that had divided the Kano Emirates, and the emirs were dismissed as a result on Thursday.

With only 48 hours’ notice, the governor ordered them to leave their palaces and turn them up to the Chieftaincy and Local Government Affairs Commissioner.

Various factions in the state have been holding rallies in response to the development, which has caused widespread disarray.

In an interview with BBC Hausa that aired on Sunday, the deposed monarch addressed the issue and stated that he had no ill will against anyone.

He went on to say that he was prepared to serve in another capacity if given the chance and that he had no intention of challenging the move in court.

No one will be delighted about this change, he added, but remember that Allah put you [on the throne], and that everything happens in due course.

We do not harbor resentment toward anyone because Allah foretold this would occur long before our birth. We have fully embraced it as it is Allah’s will.

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