Joining the Coal City Marathon, Governor Mbah sees it as a chance to find new talents while also getting in shape
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Joining the Coal City Marathon, Governor Mbah sees it as a chance to find new talents while also getting in shape

Dr. Peter Mbah, governor of Enugu State, was praised and cheered by locals for his active participation in Saturday’s 2024 Coal City Half Marathon in the capital of the state.

Despite the governor’s assurances that his government would strive to enhance future marathons in the state, attracting elite racers from across the world, this continued.

An opportunity to uncover fresh talents and for all sports lovers, even the elderly, to maintain fit and live a healthy lifestyle was highlighted by Governor Mbah, who participated in the 21.79km half marathon that began at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium.

He explained that his government views athletic events as a way to generate revenue for the people and that it is committed to building on the tremendous success of this year’s marathon by allocating sufficient funds to improve sporting infrastructure and facilities.

We don’t only view sports as a form of entertainment; we view the sports industry as an important part of our economy, and we’re investing heavily in it.

That’s why we just handed out a contract to repair and overhaul our stadium, bringing it up to world-class standards. We also returned the pitch immediately after we came in, so Rangers International could return to the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium.

“Reinforcing our position in the sports industry, we have just recently entered a memorandum of understanding to build a world-class entertainment and sports centre,” he noted, adding that this was happening in that sector.

The governor congratulated the athletes, who represented more than 20 states, and emphasized that the event’s purpose was to foster national unity, discipline, and cooperation. He also mentioned that, due to the administration’s investments, the state would be able to compete in world athletic championships in a few years.

More importantly, the state is committed to elevating the Enugu State Marathon to a higher level.

I would like you to take note that the Enugu State Marathon will be included in the world’s major sporting events in a few years.

In addition to the Boston and London Marathons, he mentioned that the Enugu Marathon will be added to the world athletics schedule.

One of the aims of the marathon, according to Barr Lloyd Ekweremadu, Commissioner for Youth and Sports, is to maintain the tradition of sports and fitness, which promotes healthy growth.

After the event, he was glad to hear that attendees from neighboring states were impressed by the governor’s hospitality and the positive impact his infrastructure initiative was having on the state.

Francis James, Israel Sadjo, and Nenfort Mathias were the male category winners of this year’s Marathon; Patience Dahyop, Agofurb Charity, and Munitikat Emmanuel were the female category winners and runners-up, respectively.

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