Merchants and transporters bemoan Zamfara’s scant patronage
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Merchants and transporters bemoan Zamfara’s scant patronage

As a result of the gasoline shortage, food and other necessities have become much more expensive in Zamfara State, causing immense economic misery.

Because they don’t have the means to escape this terrible circumstance, the locals have little choice but to journey needlessly many kilometers away from their homes.

According to exhaustive research conducted by sesothomp3, charges for commercial motorcycle riders, Kekenapep riders, and commercial vehicle drivers have surged by a whopping 100%.

It has come to light that certain filling stations in Gusau, the capital of the state, are charging N2,100 Naira for a quarter gallon of fuel. Traders and consumers are in excruciating pain because food costs have also risen due to the surge in petroleum products.

A plate of local rice in Gusau now costs N3,900, up from N1,550 before the gasoline price hike.

The meat vendors at the Tudunwada market said that the price of meat had risen due to the increase in transportation charges, therefore even at N400 Naira, consumers were unable to acquire any meat.

A meat vendor named Amodu Mustapha complained that the rising cost of petrol had driven up the price of their product from N30,000 to N65,000.

Traders at Gusau Central Market told sesothomp3 they were losing a lot of money because customers were having a hard time affording their wares.

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