MURIC calls for an end to the ability of governments to depose monarchs
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MURIC calls for an end to the ability of governments to depose monarchs

State governors should not have the authority to remove monarchs, according to MURIC, who argue that this practice undermines traditional institutions and allows for political meddling.

Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, who had been overthrown in 2020, was reinstated, and five emirs in Kano State were deposed shortly after. This prompted the demand.

There has been a political upheaval in the state as a result of the move, with many people demanding that the laws that allow governors to remove traditional rulers from power at will be reviewed.

According to Professor Ishaq Akintola, the Executive Director of MURIC, the group has been pushing to have these laws repealed for a long time, on the grounds that traditional rulers should be protected from political intrigue.

A crisis has broken out in the Nigerian city of Kano after Abba Yusuf, the governor of the state, removed five emirs from power and restored Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, who had been ousted on Monday, March 9, 2020.

These developments have startled MURIC. To put it mildly, it’s embarrassing and perplexing, and we’re fighting to control our tempers from exploding.

The established system is being targeted by politicians who aim to weaken, disrupt, and ultimately destroy it. Just as they utterly ruined the system of local governance across the nation, the governors have sabotaged the conventional method as well.

“The recent demonstrations of power in Kano are an indication of a major decline and a significant danger to our young democracy. A complete erosion of traditional values looms over us like a Damocles sword, and traditional rulers fall prey to political intrigues.

Everyone knows that governors have political considerations in the back of their thoughts when they make decisions. Our traditional rulers, who should be respected by the governors, are now being pushed about by them, and the venerated stool of the old city of Kano has been converted into a ping-pong table as a result. We strongly condemn this.

We have voiced our opposition to governors deposing traditional monarchs on multiple times, and that has always been MURIC’s attitude.

The naked dance taking on in Kano’s marketplace right now has further increased the pressure on Nigerians to stand up to governors’ abuses of power. The time has come for us to demand that our legislators protect traditional rulers from the shameful, premature, pointless, and politically motivated overthrow of their power.

The traditional rulers won’t suddenly become superpowers just because of that. The kingmakers still have the power to punish traditional rulers for their misbehavior. His own people have the power to suspend or depose him. To keep the monarch in check, all he needs are the kingmakers.

MURIC is pleading with everyone involved in the Kano crisis to be careful. Their remarks are causing fires, so they should stop.

Extremism has been displayed by all parties involved in the drama. Emir Sanusi’s claimed deposition in 2020 for insurgordination was a drastic step.

However, without specifying the crime, it is excessive to warrant Emir Ado Bayero’s arrest upon his removal. The road to decency is moderate, whereas the road to revenge is wild.

We ask the security agencies to stay out of any potential confrontations, and we urge the people of Kano to do the same. “Kano must not burn,” he reiterated.

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