NASS is to blame for Nigeria’s economic collapse and mounting debt, according to Ita Enang
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NASS is to blame for Nigeria’s economic collapse and mounting debt, according to Ita Enang

Senator Ita Enang, who served as the president’s special adviser on matters pertaining to the national assembly, laid the blame for Nigeria’s economic collapse, mounting debt, and naira devaluation at the feet of the National Assembly on Thursday.

Aniekan Umannah, a former member of the House of Representatives, publishes Oversight Magazine, which focuses on documenting occurrences in the parliament. Enang made this statement at the magazine’s public presentation.

He blamed the National Assembly’s inability to ask pertinent questions for the economy’s woes.

Enag, a former chair of the rules and business committees in both houses of Congress, claimed that the legislature has failed to fulfill its oversight responsibilities by failing to issue a report or by failing to ask important questions on the national debt.

While MPs have frequently conducted oversight to assess the activities of various ministries, departments, and agencies, he claims that they have neglected to bring their reports to the floor of parliament for due deliberation.

According to the former Special Adviser, the ineffective oversight of the National Assembly and state Houses of Assembly nationwide is to blame for the subpar performance of the executive branch at the federal and state levels.

The National Assembly should take responsibility for not carrying out its oversight role. Questions would be asked by the National Assembly if they could. With the passage of a budget comes the responsibility of overseeing its disbursement and the level of completion of the projects funded by it.

Afterwards, you are required to submit a report detailing the amount that has been released and the extent to which the project has been carried out.

As a result, you’ll have a better idea of how much money to set aside in the upcoming year’s budget to finish the projects on that list, as well as how much to put aside in the MTEF over the next three years to finally pay off that project.

“So, the National Assembly is to blame for the collapse of the Nigerian economy, the naira, and the unimaginable debt of Nigeria,” he declared.


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