Outburst on social media: Wizkid’s struggle with the loss of his mother – Yul Edochie
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Outburst on social media: Wizkid’s struggle with the loss of his mother – Yul Edochie

Singer Wizkid’s latest social media outburst was reportedly caused by the agony of losing his mother, according to Nollywood actor Yul Edochie.

After slamming Don Jazzy and getting into a violent argument with Davido, Wizkid recently set X on fire as a social media site.

In response, Edochie blamed the Starboy Entertainment boss’s mental health for his tantrum.

The actor made the following statement in a video message that he posted to Instagram: “Many people would not comprehend what is happening to Wizkid.

But I’ll tell you: it’s the anguish he feels over his mother’s death.

The loss of Wizkid’s mother is causing him immense anguish. It hurts so badly. Feel that anguish when a loved one dies? It hurts so badly.

That kind of agony would make you doubt your faith. You might start to doubt existence itself due to the agony.

It’s so painful that you’d want to ignore caution altogether. The agony is so great that it makes you consider suicide on occasion.

When you’re in agony, you tend to say a lot of things and become impolite. It is so excruciatingly painful that it will make you doubt your own existence.

Both your mother and your sanity are taken from you. It hurts so badly. This is the situation Wizkid is currently facing.

“Regrettably, the world we inhabit is capable of delivering more harm than goodwill.”

Jane Dolapo Balogun, Wizkid’s mother, passed away in London on August 18, 2023, as reported by the sesothomp3.

The loss of his mother “hurts deeply,” according to the singer. A deep anguish, he remarked.

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