Peter Obi: “Establishment of criminality” prevented INEC server work
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Peter Obi: “Establishment of criminality” prevented INEC server work

In his remarks during the previous presidential election, Mr. Peter Obi, a former presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), blamed the “establishment of criminality” for the INEC servers’ inability to function.

Amazon claimed that there were no reported faults globally on the day of the presidential election, according to Obi, who urged that the people must eventually get to work.

This came from the former governor of Anambra State, who made the comment on Friday while in Canada discussing matters pertaining to the most recent general election, such as IREV servers.

In a “thank you” tour to show his appreciation to Nigerians residing in Canada for their support during his campaign and general elections in 2023, the LP presidential candidate was in the country, according to sesothomp3.

To which he said, “Where did we err in the previous election?” There was no misstep on our part. We made the correct decisions.

However, as I can always remind people: bringing about change means confronting those who benefit from the status quo.

Instead of dissipating, they band together. Also, knocking down a business isn’t a sprint. Anywhere in the world, it’s a long-distance trip. Investigate any location; it doesn’t matter if you’re interested in what transpired in India, South Africa, or the United States. There has been no sudden transformation; progress is gradual.

If you truly desire change, I implore you everyone, we have only just started. From this point on, we can only go forward.

There may be a couple of items that need fixing, and we will take care of them. We are fixing them, I promise, but we won’t mention names.

That’s going to be challenging.

Both the institution and the INEC server were identical. It was the establishment’s fault that the server stopped working. We are free to maintain our claim that it would be effective. However, a problem did not occur.

Amazon arrived and confirmed that there was no problem. Everywhere you look, people are taking note of the Amazon problem. During that time, we detained an Amazon employee who confirmed the following: this is the total amount of issues we have encountered since our launch.

On that particular day, it did not report any. We are aware that it did not take place. There was a fault in the system caused by the crime of the establishment. Additionally, we need to figure out a way to make it function.

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