Politicians are behind the deaths of soldiers—IPOB calls for a sit-in
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Politicians are behind the deaths of soldiers—IPOB calls for a sit-in

According to IPOB, politicians are attempting to cause “problems in peaceful Enyimba city” and are responsible for the deaths of the troops in Aba, Abia State. This was stated on Friday.

In a statement denying any involvement in the Aba massacre, IPOB claimed that politicians had enlisted the help of criminals to carry out the attack.

Powerful claimed in a statement that the sit-in order was the main focus of IPOB.

Powerful states that IPOB denounced the massacre of the soldiers.

We denounce the attack on military personnel in Aba, but we are not involved; the sit-in was a time of mourning for our heroes and heroines, not an attack on anyone; thus, anyone claiming IPOB was behind the attack in Aba must be controlled by something.

“Politicians are behind this attack, not IPOB. They want to stir trouble in Aba, therefore the governor of Abia State needs to be on guard. Enyimba City is already peaceful, but they’re planning to disrupt it.

Members of IPOB are more concerned with the sit-ins held in memory of the Biafran and Ndigbo heroes and heroines who perished in the murderous war than they are with the criminals who attacked military personnel while they were on duty. The criminal activities of yesterday are strongly condemned by IPOB.

While IPOB’s announced sit-in to mourn those murdered in the Biafra civil war was underway on Thursday, five soldiers were killed in Aba, Abia State, by gunmen whose identities remain unknown.

Reportedly, the event occurred at the Obikabia Junction Checkpoint in the Obingwa Local Government Area, which is next to the Aba metropolis itself.

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