The 1999 Constitution of Nigeria is flawed, according to the Muslim attorneys’ society
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The 1999 Constitution of Nigeria is flawed, according to the Muslim attorneys’ society

A group representing Nigerian Muslims, MULAN, has publicly stated its disapproval of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Constitution as it currently stands, which dates back to 1999.

This statement was delivered by Dr. Kazeem Olajide Olaniyan, national president of MULAN, during a news conference that was held Thursday in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, to announce the association’s fifteenth annual general meeting.

Olaniyan emphasized the importance of a constitution drafted domestically in order to help Nigeria overcome its present difficulties.

There are numerous problems with the 1999 Constitution, which he claims were created while the country was under military administration.

He made the point that the present issues confronting the nation can be resolved by a domestic candidate.

As Olaniyan continued, he insisted that the chosen topic of the conference—”National Development: The new dynamics and nuances”—was done with the intention of offering answers to the issues facing the nation.

He also took advantage of the platform to call on the administration to do something about the country’s gasoline shortage, food crises, and inflation.

There can be no foreign-drafted constitution for Nigeria. The military drafted what we have now.

The constitution that was passed in 1999 has numerous problems and shortcomings.

Along with inflation, the elimination of gasoline subsidies affects all of us. There is now a fuel shortage.

Right now, if we point fingers at the government, we’re causing just as many problems as they are. The issue of food insecurity is one that we are urging the government to tackle as well.

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