The government of Ekiti has instructed the kingmakers to confirm Prince Alabi as the Olosi stool nominee
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The government of Ekiti has instructed the kingmakers to confirm Prince Alabi as the Olosi stool nominee

The Ekiti State Government has ordered the kingmakers to confirm Prince Stephen Babatunde Alabi’s nomination as the legitimate heir to the Olosi throne in order to expedite the installation of a new traditional ruler in Osi Ekiti, Ido/Osi Local Government Area.

According to the government, Alabi’s ratification became necessary since he was duly nominated for the position as the sole candidate by the Arubiojo Ruling House of Osi Ekiti, and his name was then transmitted to the kingmakers in accordance with custom.

Chief (Mrs.) Monisade Afuye, Deputy Governor of Ekiti State, met with stakeholders, including kingmakers and representatives of the Arubiojo Ruling House, on Thursday in Ado Ekiti, and then issued the decree.

After Oba Oladiran Agunbiade passed away on August 5, 2021, the government reached out to the Arubiojo Ruling House to find a successor.

According to a statement released by Mrs. Afuye’s Special Assistant on Media, Victor Ogunje, who addressed the stakeholders following the parley held at her office, the kingmakers were given till Monday, May 6, 2024, to draft an appointment letter for the nominee and submit it to the government for confirmation.

The deputy governor expressed his displeasure with the kingmakers’ alleged manipulation and procrastination, claiming that their behavior could undermine public trust in them.

In particular, she scolded the steps that ultimately led to the nomination of Prince Femi Adewumi—who was neither nominated nor voted for by the ruling house—and his subsequent transmission to the local government for approval.

A member of the ruling house had been nominated, the deputy governor stated. Since everything was up front and clear, no one should make them submit more than one nominee if that is their desire.

The traditional rulers are reaping the benefits of this government’s relationship with them, and our governor, Biodun Oyebanji, places a high priority on respect for traditional institutions. Your village must not fall behind.

We encourage other candidates to work with the town’s current leaders to improve the community. They need to work with the nominee to construct a new Osi Ekiti that everyone can enjoy.

According to Mr. Sunday Bamise, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, four rulings have been handed down regarding the Olosi appointment, and each time the state government came out on top.

Bamise made it clear that the kingmakers are irrelevant when it comes to legal candidate nominations, stating that the only legitimate nomination was the one made on November 21, 2021, which went in favor of Prince Alabi.

Legally, we anticipate that the kingmakers will confirm Prince Babatunde Alabi’s nomination and send him an appointment letter so that he can start the process.

“But if they don’t keep going, then the government will go back to the second option, which I might not tell you about right now,” he continued.

The government’s stance was accepted by Chief Olaiya Faturoti, Odofin of Osi Ekiti and head of the kingmakers, along with his colleagues, who pledged to obey accordingly.

This will enable the swift installation of a new monarch in the town, according to Chief Tony Adeniyi, SAN, the counsel to the nominee, who praised the government for standing on the truth and point of law on the topic.

In a conventional shadow poll overseen by officials from the local administration, Prince Adebayo Alabi, who is the leader of the Arubiojo dynasty, garnered 26 votes, prevailing over his opponents.

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