Tinubu urges MDAs to purchase compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles
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Tinubu urges MDAs to purchase compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles

All branches of the federal government are required by President Bola Tinubu to immediately start purchasing vehicles fueled by compressed natural gas.

The strategy was in keeping with the president’s pledge to guarantee energy security, drive utility, and reduce high fuel costs, according to a statement by Ajuri Ngelale, the special adviser on media and publicity to the president.

He added that the order is a step in the right direction toward Nigeria’s goal of switching to cleaner energy, since compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles are cheaper and have been found to have lower emissions.

President Tinubu has assured the Federal Executive Council (FEC) that his administration’s energy reforms will not be rolled back when he spoke to them Monday at the State House.

If we don’t get out of our ruts, this country will never advance. We intend to push for nationwide CNG adoption, and it is our responsibility as public leaders to demonstrate how to accomplish this goal so that our people can enjoy the future we envision for them. When the Nigerian people understand that we mean business, they will follow our example, the president said.

In addition, Tinubu ordered the rejection of all memoranda submitted by FEC members requesting the acquisition of conventional gasoline-powered vehicles, charging those council members who were impacted to return to their previous positions and actively pursue value-driven procurements of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles that comply with regulations.

“The President is determined to fully utilize Nigeria’s gas reserves, which will help lower transportation costs for the general public and raise living standards for all Nigerians,” the statement continued.


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