BDC Operator Files Report with Police Regarding Alleged $1 Million Scam
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BDC Operator Files Report with Police Regarding Alleged $1 Million Scam

An Abuja Bureau De Change (BDC) operator named Shamsudeen Usman Ahmed has asked IGP Olukayode Egbetokun to look into allegations of a $1 million fraud.

This is happening despite the fact that the police have announced the start of an investigation and the arrest of some people.

The complainant’s lawyer, Anthony Akpah Odule, petitioned the inspector-general of police on his behalf. The petition began as follows: “On Friday, December 8, 2023, I was contacted by four individuals who misled me into believing that there was a real one million dollar item up for sale from Dubai, United Arab Emirate (UAE).” The complainant innocently expressed interest in the item.

The petition revealed that the complainant had paid N830 million, N330 million, and N10 million into three separate accounts that the accused had supplied.

The client asserted that initial inquiry revealed that the suspects had colluded to steal his money since they had divided up the funds amongst themselves and did not have any to deliver to our client. Our client has reason to be concerned about the potential damage to his reputation that could result from the non-payment of a loan he took out in order to fund his dealings with the suspects and conspirators.

The police investigator who is part of the team is confirming that the petition has been received and that investigators will shortly be contacting certain bank personnel to question them.

The seizure of N340 million and the subsequent arrest of six individuals are both confirmed by him.

About N830 million is still missing and must be found.

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